2016 – Feature film

Undercover hooligan

Known for his brutally violent policing tactics, Michael Clarke (Kris Johnson) is a suspended police officer sent undercover to infiltrate the notorious London criminal enterprise of Terence Turner (Patrick Connolly), with the task of bringing the gang boss to justice.



2016 – Short film

In humans we trust

Amid a world of hate crime, racial abuse and constant violence, Liz and Peter, a loving retired couple follow the current news like everyone else, while going through their daily routine. They seem to lead a quiet, rather mundane life – a life that is about to fall apart on an ordinary Sunday morning. As Peter finishes tidying up the garden, he opens the door of their shed, only to find three total strangers hiding there. Illegally brought into the UK, Nico, Anna and Amelia ask for a warm place to stay for a few days. Liz and Peter decide to show compassion and help them. They open their home to them for as long as needed.



2016 – Feature film

I am hooligan

A young lad is brainwashed into thinking his only way out of his life on a London Estate is to become a football hooligan and fight his way out. When his best friend tries to steer him in the right path, there is a tragic turn of events.



2015 – Feature film

Beyond Heaven and Hell

Eddie and Tanya have lived together for the last three years in a less than fulfilling relationship. Tanya dreams of one day becoming ‘famous’ and ends up cheating on Eddie with a small time film maker who boasts of “being connected inside the industry”. Quiet, unassuming Eddie works at a charity bookstore and hasn’t had much sleep recently, some of his old nightmares are coming back. When he finds out about this final betrayal, he decides to take his fate in his own hands and kill Tanya.



2015 – Music Video

The Six – V3




2014 – Film

Checks and Balances

Deception… can go both ways

In the world of powerful politicians, fixers and the media that is after them, nobody can be trusted. And once you become a persona non grata there is no way back…



2014 – Film

Rehearsing Revolution




2014 – Short film

The Courier

A young courier becomes involved with a drug dealer and a junky. He is trapped in a world he does not understand, or belong to. And there seems to be no way out…



2013 – Film


Dream or insanity, guilt and redemption, the world of Conan seems to fall apart around them.

Conan tries to find redemption by finding his long lost girlfriend who fell into the prostitution world owned by the malefic Tash.



2010 – Short film

Mr Big Man Hollywood

Follows the life of Marius who struggles to balance his relationship with his girlfriend Monica, the everyday financial problems and lack of trust from his close ones with the pursuit of his dream.



2010 – Theatre

Hei Girl